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WLAN - Hotspot


WI-FI Hotspot wlan.magniviertel.de

Access-Cards available at:

How to log in?
  1. Set your Network-Settings to DHCP. 
  2. Change the WLAN network to wlan.magniviertel.de_xxx
  3. Start the web browser and access some URL on the Web.
  4. The Hotspot-Gateway should now present a Login-Page. Enter username and password.
  5. If anything goes wrong: Make sure to turn off WLAN encryption and disable proxy settings in your browser. Restart the PC.
How to log off from the network?
  1. Use the logoff button in the pop-up provided when logged in.
  2. Use the logoff button in the reply page when logged in.
  3. Turn off the PC or leave WLAN coverage.
  4. You will be logged out after an inactivity period.
Using Access-Cards
  1. Passwords are case-sensitive, the typeface used is Monaco.
  2. There is no expiration date, your sessions are not limited by time. After you have transfered all of the pre-paid traffic the system will prompt to log on again with a new card.


Magniviertel wlan@magniviertel.de
Last modified: 25. September 2013